Qui sont les chats les plus célèbres du web ?

Mignons, drôles et terriblement attachants, les chats sont les stars du web ! Certains comptent parfois des millions d’abonnés sur Facebook ou Instagram.

Nous avons concocté une petite liste non exhaustive de 12 stars du web, les lolcats, à retrouver sur Instagram ! Un petit concentré de mignonitude 🙂

  • Maru the Cat

Hey guys how’s it going! #cat #love #insta #happy #fun #awesome

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  • Nala

I love you❤️❤️

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  • Grumpy Cat

    • Stalin the cat

Mom saw that I broke a candle holder into a thousand pieces. And then I did this. Proud destroyer of worlds. And candle holders.

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    • Sam

Happy #InternationalCatDay from my kittybae to yours. 😽

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    • Hamilton

Hammy’s Senior Portraits came in! #mustachecat

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    • Pudge the cat

Pudge is 7 years old today! 🙊🎉 #pudgeybirthday

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    • Lil Bub

BUB welcomes you to the first day of autumn. #lilbub

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    • Venus

#fbf photography by @professor_pouncey 's very talented human.

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    • Snoopy Babe


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    • Colonel Meow

Me at the beginning of 2016 v me at the end of 2016. #SoClose #YetSoFar #HomeStretch @crazyavey

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    • Monty Boy

Hi everyone! As many of you know, we are moving to a new home. We searched for a place with a big fenced backyard so Monty could have his very own jungle, but everything was too expensive until we started looking outside the city, in the country side. We finally found a place and on Saturday September 9th we will move in! We’ve never moved with Monty before, so we actually don’t know how he will react. Since we do know he is a sensitive boy, we talked to our vet and made some plans to make it as smooth as possible for Monty. Do you have any advice on how to move with a furkid? 😊 Here’s our plan: We will put up Feliway Diffusers in the house a couple of days before we move in. We will give Monty Zylkene (a natural calming remedy). And, maybe the most important thing, Monty’s auntie Martha will be there on Saturday to support and cuddle Monty while we carry in the furniture and boxes. We will place Monty in the new bedroom with all his favorite stuff and Martha will be there with him to keep him company so Monty is too distracted to get stressed and start screaming to get out the room. We will also try and introduce Monty to one room at a time, and the first day he will only be in the bedroom with us to provent him from getting overstimulated. We know this sounds a bit extreme for some, but we really want this to be a good experience for Monty and for us 💜 #MovingWithMonty

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Qui sont vos préférés ? En avez-vous d’autres à ajouter ?

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